Charter destinations

The French Riviera and Monaco

The French Riviera is traditionally a favorite place for yacht chartering, allowing you to create unforgettable memories.
The most popular yacht charter ports on the French Riviera include Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, and many others. We also can't forget about the luxurious haven of Saint-Tropez, which is a favorite among the elite. While enjoying your journey and taking in the views of the beautiful and serene coast of Villefranche, you can anchor near the exquisite island of Porquerolles or in the warm waters of the Lérins Islands not far from Cannes.

The French Riviera, from Cannes to Monaco, offers an abundance of entertainment opportunities, ranging from boutiques of famous designers, casinos, local markets, and Provençal restaurants, to such exquisite events as the Monaco Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival. Enjoy the diversity, elegance, and refinement of the French Riviera.
Most of the Mediterranean Sea charter yachts are based here

A one-week itinerary along the French Riviera and surrounding areas:
Day 1: Arrival in Nice, transfer to your yacht in the afternoon.
Day 2: Saint-Tropez: Lunch at the famous Club 55 and a day at the renowned Pampelonne Beach.
Day 3: Porquerolles: Swimming, exploring the island on bicycles, and dinner at Le Mas Du Langoustier.
Day 4: The Lérins Islands: Time for relaxation and communing with nature.
Day 5: Villefranche: Enjoy the beautiful port and explore the old town.
Day 6: Monaco: Sightseeing, casino, shopping, and dining.
Day 7: Nice: Water activities, transfer to the airport.

This itinerary is designed for a motor yacht cruise. If you plan to follow this route on a sailing yacht, you should consider extending the trip to two weeks to allow for a more relaxed pace and to fully enjoy the sail between destinations.