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Croatia is increasingly gaining popularity as one of the most interesting places for yacht travel!
The clear Adriatic Sea and more than 1200 islands attract a huge number of yacht enthusiasts. Split, with a population of 220,000 people, is considered the largest city in Dalmatia.

If you set out from Split to the west, circling the island of Čiovo, you can find yourself in the small and very cozy town of Trogir, which is also under UNESCO protection and is distinguished by a large number of temples, towers, and ancient Roman and Venetian buildings.

On the second day, set a course southeast to the island of Brač - one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. Here, there are many pine forests, vineyards, and olive groves. The island produces exquisite rosé wine and prepares extraordinary dishes from fish and seafood. The most famous beach on the island - Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), is a fine pebble spit that extends far into the sea. Its shape changes depending on the direction of the wind and waves. Zlatni Rat is a popular spot for windsurfing.
The next stop on our route is Hvar – the longest island stretching south from Brač. This is an island of heather, crickets, rosemary, and lavender. It's also known as the sunniest island in the Adriatic. No wonder, with 349 sunny days a year! Its mild climate, numerous bays, and lush vegetation make Hvar one of the most attractive places for a holiday.

Next, we'll head to Komiža – the most remote Croatian town from the mainland, located on the small island of Vis. It is known that the first Greek colonists landed here in the 4th century BC. The Greeks are credited with being the first to plant vineyards on Croatian soil, and it happened right in Komiža.

Near Komiža, on the tiny island of Biševo, is another tourist pilgrimage site – the Blue Cave. It is remarkable for its play of light: on sunny days in the first half of the day, the water and all objects inside the cave shine with an amazing blue color.

On the return journey to Split, you can stop for a swim in the Milna Bay on the western end of the island of Brač. Milna is one of the most beautiful bays on the island; interestingly, during the war with Napoleon in 1800, the Russian flotilla established its base here.

Worldwide, the island of Brač is famous for its white stone. It was used in the construction of many famous buildings, including the White House in Washington.

The huge number of bays for anchorages, well-developed coastal infrastructure, and the magnificent Mediterranean cuisine of Croatia will leave you enchanted, and you will surely want to return here again!